Monthly Specialised Technique Classes

Monthly Specialised Technique Classes

Every month YOGADi Fitness will be running a 60-minute specialised technique class. A fantastic opportunity to learn more about specific exercises and postures. Each month I will pick a fitness/Pilates exercise or a yoga posture and show you ways on how you can develop it further, improve your technique and perhaps add props and fitness equipment to gain more from the exercise or yoga posture.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness or somebody that has been working out for many years, these specialised technique classes will positively add to your exercise routine by helping your body to go deeper and safer into an exercise or posture. Trust me, it’s great to truly understand how to get the best out of our bodies both physically and internally and then applying that learning into our exercise routines. These technique classes will help to show you how to go deeper into an exercise or posture, and in turn, this will aid and enhance your exercise routine or Yoga/Pilates practice.

These specialised technique classes are designed to show you easy and effective ways to get the best from your amazing bodies just by some simple physical and sometimes internal adjustments. It is very easy for the body to get into bad fitness habits without realising it, and if never corrected, this can cause injuries later on in life. We probably know more about our mobile phone devices, which only last a couple of years before you want to upgrade it to a better model or replace it due to breaking the device. Sadly we seem to know less about our amazing bodies; even though they’ve got to last us the duration of our lives, they come with no repair guarantee, no warranty, and you definitely can’t upgrade them (at least not yet!). That is why these monthly technique classes will help you obtain essential knowledge about how we can safely look after our amazing bodies. Learn better and safer techniques, helping to make your amazing bodies fitter and stronger while continuing to maintain them during our life’s journey healthily.

“The more you know yourself, the more clarity there is.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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