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I first attended one of Diana's Yoga Classes when she covered a class at the Triangle Leisure Centre and from then I have tried to attend her classes whenever possible. Her classes are so welcoming, friendly and professional and easy to follow with options for All abilities. I enjoy the variety of classes in Diana's Schedule as I can use weights and get a high impact work out some days and also try new things and equipment such as resistance bands however if these are not available to you Diana is Very resourceful and always suggests alternative items you can easily find around your home. If you happen to miss a class these are easily accessible on her FB page to revisit. Diana and her classes were my saviour during Lockdown and still are to keep physically fit and healthy is Very important to me and exercise keeps my mind healthy too. Diana shared her feelings and emotions during Lockdown and continues to do so which often resonates with how I am feeling too and so Diana's classes help to keep my physical and mental health strong.
I consider Diana a friend as she Greets us All and welcomes us before each class and her classes are fun and light hearted as well as rewarding. I definitely recommend Diana's classes to anyone either online or 121 as she is So professional and knowledgeable easy to follow and Very friendly and approachable. I wish her All the Best in the world with her new business and Thank her So much for keeping me fit and well.

Mrs. Linda Mitchell

I could do YOGADi classes at home during lockdown but they still had the feel of a group class so not as impersonal as watching a prerecorded video. I like the variety of low & higher impact classes which are across different days. I appreciate the set time each day and the classes have definitely helped my mental wellbeing: having a routine to stick to, being part of a larger group & you always make me smile. They are so friendly & you challenge me to do my best/more by gentle coaxing & not shouting at me. I'd recommend YOGADi classes - great fun & they're in real time. Diana is a great teacher & it's good to gain from her experience.

Sarah Elliston

I chose to do YOGAdi classes because I had been regularly to classes at leisure centres and at Warden Park. The classes are always well planned and every part clearly explained. Having been through some traumatic times the classes give me a moment of calm and wellness. The variety of classes over the week offer a mix of Yoga, and aerobic/strength. It is useful to be able to time shift the classes as they are recorded. They are always different and fun. I like the way the classes are accessible for all levels of fitness and strength with alternatives given. Di is encouraging and supportive. I like the emphasis on not only physical health but mental health.

Gill Thorley

I searched for Di online as I had previously taken her yoga classes. I knew that she would be uplifting and inspirational in her approach and I have not been disappointed! Di has carefully planned each one to one session for me and it has made a huge impact on my recovery both physically and mentally after suffering from Covid. I can’t recommend her classes enough!

Helen Sykes

I love Di’s classes. They have been a great motivator to get up and go during lockdown. I love the variety of classes, they work for me as every day is different and Di allows for all abilities with different levels of impact. Di is so real, she seems to know when you need a bit of a push but also when you need to be nurtured. I can recommend Di and her classes to everyone, all ages all abilities....she will simply put a smile on your face every day. Thank you Di xx

Audrey Ovenden

It’s incredible to have such a range of classes from one instructor! I love the fact that some days I am bouncing around doing an energetic body conditioning session and another time it’s very relaxing yoga and meditation. I also enjoy the shorter classes such as legs, bums and tums for a more intense workout.

Karen Sargent