YOGADi Fitness & Yoga Group Live Workouts

Group Live Workouts

As we all know and whether we like it or not COVID-19 has not only changed the world but also how we run our daily lives. COVID-19 has had a significant effect on the Leisure & Fitness industry; even though Leisure Centres, Gyms and Yoga Studios are all now open for business; class numbers are currently limited due to safe distancing. Your normal favourite class time may have shifted by 30 minutes to an hour due to intense cleaning of the studio and equipment in keeping with strict Government hygiene protocol. We also have to remember how much of our precious time will now be wasted, while we try and book ourselves into an allotted gym slot or trying to patiently book ourselves into our favourite studio class with limited spaces. The Government and sports councils have also specified that all air-con should be 100% fresh air or outside doors to studios and gyms should be left open to circulate fresh air around to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Many people feel quite anxious and worried about going back to busy Leisure Centres or fitness & yoga Studios. At the same time, Covid-19 still exists, especially as we go through the Autumn and Winter months. That is why I have created my YOGADI Fitness & Yoga Group, which has been successfully running since the beginning of COVID. The fitness group is easy to access through Facebook, and please don’t worry if you’re not into social media platforms. I have many members who have never before used Facebook but find it very easy to join Facebook and just by clicking on my YOGADi Fitness & Yoga Gro; they are now part of my growing fitness community.

YOGADI Fitness & Yoga Group has a wide variety of classes from Cardio workouts to Yoga, 60-minute workouts to quick 20-25 minute workouts. Classes are live during the morning and early evening. What’s even better is it doesn’t matter if you are unable to attend the live workout class as you can catch up with all live pre-recorded workouts on the YOGADI Fitness & Yoga Group.

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