Book a six-week Specialised Fitness for Older Adults (65+)

Two x 30 minute weekly classes for six weeks.

Di is so real, she seems to know when you need a bit of a push but also when you need to be nurtured. I can recommend Di and her classes to everyone, all ages all abilities....she will simply put a smile on your face every day. Thank you Di xx

Audrey Ovenden

Di has carefully planned each one to one session for me and it has made a huge impact on my recovery both physically and mentally after suffering from Covid. I can’t recommend her course highly enough!

Helen Sykes

6 Week 1:2:1
Older Adults
Fitness Course
experienced personal trainer

2 x 30 Minute Weekly 1:2:1 Classes

Gentle Cardio
Use of Props
Balance Work
Lower Body Strength

Here's why you're going to love it!

Staying fit and healthy as we age is a must but unfortunately as we age both our bone density and muscle strength weaken.

We may find it harder to pick up our feet, get off the sofa, unscrew lids from jars and we may notice a huge difference in our balance which unfortunately contributes to unwanted falls which also leads to losing our confidence.

After watching my own ageing father’s body change, becoming weaker year by year and noticing the effect this had on him both physically and mentally, I decided to put together a Six Week Specialised Fitness course for the Older Adult.

The course consists of two 30 minute fitness classes per weeks, a 30 minute gentle and fun aerobic session using the aid of a chair if required. A second 30 minute chair yoga practice, incorporating gentle stretching and balance work using the aid of your chair.

NB: Please always speak to your Doctor first before you start a six-week exercise programme.

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