Book a six-week Beginner Intro to Fitness Course

Two x 30 - 45 minute weekly classes for six weeks.

Di is so real, she seems to know when you need a bit of a push but also when you need to be nurtured. I can recommend Di and her classes to everyone, all ages all abilities....she will simply put a smile on your face every day. Thank you Di xx

Audrey Ovenden

Di has carefully planned each one to one session for me and it has made a huge impact on my recovery both physically and mentally after suffering from Covid. I can’t recommend her course highly enough!

Helen Sykes

6 Week 1:2:1
Fitness Intro
Experienced personal trainer

2 x 30-45 Minute Weekly 1:2:1 Classes

Twice Weekly 1:2:1 Cardio Class
Fit-Ball Class
Step Class
Retro Aerobics class
Circuit Training

Here's why you're going to love it!

We all know that we should be exercising and keeping fit, especially as lifestyles are becoming ever more sedentary.

I am very passionate about keeping our bodies physically healthy through exercise and mentally well at the same time – the two go hand in hand. Once you start to engage in a regular exercise routine your physical body becomes fitter and healthier while releasing natural happy endorphins which in turn will help with a healthy mental wellbeing.

I have designed the six week beginners fitness course with two 30 minute weekly sessions introducing gentle cardio and strength work. As the weeks progress, these fitness sessions will be increased to 45 minutes towards the end of the six weeks. As you become slowly fitter over the coming weeks using the 30 minute fitness workouts you will be able to increase your cardio and strength endurance to easily complete the 45 minute sessions. I will concentrate on safe aerobic workouts to increase blood flow, help the heart become stronger and strengthen large muscle groups while also working aerobically.

NB: Always speak to your Doctor first before you start a six week fitness programme.

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